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Pete Fowler - The most iconic artist of the generation, musician , sculptor - creator of Monsterism - with works spanning everything from album covers to music videos to japanese sex doll designs, has gone and got himself possessed by the ghost of 3,737 UNITS .

Due to unforeseen circumstances these must now be minted and distributed in order to save this version of reality. The only reality we have home slice . It may not be the one you ordered, but it’s the one we’ve got. And the one we’ve got has 3,737 Pete Fowler UNITS that need to spread around the globe , kinda like those weird crystal skull things , or stone circles , or those USB sticks people hide in trees.

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This is our one chance to grab a little bit of this magick as it whafts past our terrible faces.

What is an NFT?


Noun: UNIT; Plural Noun: UNITS.

  1. An individual thing or person regarded as single and complete but which can also form an individual component of a larger or more complex whole
  2. A device that has a specified function, especially one forming part of a complex mechanism.
  3. Excellent artwork by Pete Fowler, 3,737 of which were sent to Earth to save reality.


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Pete Fowler

Artist, Musician, Sculptor, Lover

Pete Fowler (born 1969 in Cardiff) is a Welsh artist best known for his artwork for the Welsh band Super Furry Animals and his Monsterism toys and goods. He is a freelance illustrator and "monster maker" inspired by animals, music, folklore, myths, psychedelia and super nature. Pete works in a variety of media, including drawing, painting, animation, printmaking and sculpture.

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